Team HPx

Team HPx visits a client’s facility, observing current working processes and procedures, to discover better ways to meet their needs.

Team HPx is comprised of our VP of Manufacturing Don Ellis, VP of Sales & Marketing Tonya Kowa-Morelli and Chief Operating Officer Steve Frantz. (as pictured)

What information will Team HPx want to know?

The type of facility will determine the specific questions asked. Typically, we will question certain procedures. For example, how do you send files to us? What specifications for shipping do you have? How do you load printed sheets on your equipment? Are you utilizing our portals and its features? If time allows, we would appreciate a tour of your facility.

Will my Client Services Manager attend the Team HPx visit?

Your CSM will not attend the initial visit. This program was not designed to be a sales call, but rather to bring added value to our clients. In turn, we hope to find cost saving solutions for our clients and Huston Patterson. Your Client Services Manager will attend the follow-up visit in order to be involved with any changes that may result from meeting with Team HPx.

Who should participate?

Anyone who deals directly with your work flow and production efficiency. This would include CSR’s, sales reps, plant managers, quality control and shipping personnel. Input from these individuals is crucial because of their knowledge regarding your products.

Why should we meet with Team HPx?

We believe that understanding how you process jobs through your facility will allow us to find time-saving alternatives to the way we do business together. Learning how you operate helps us serve you in a more effective manner, with little or no problems in work flow. Huston Patterson is committed to finding more efficient options for our clients. We are sure your Team HPx visit will be time well spent.

How do I schedule a meeting?

Making arrangements for a Team HPx visit is easy, and is at no cost to your company. Contact your Client Services Manager for more details.

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