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HPx Air is a private aviation company, serving as the primary concierge carrier for Huston Patterson and its Special Products Division, Sigma Graphics, for Clients East of the Rocky Mountains. When you select HPx Air, you place yourself in complete control of your journey!

HPx Air utilizes small, executive-class airports that offer easy access to both your home base and your final destination. Private airports typically offer 'free parking' just steps away from the door, private car service and rental cars are easily arranged in advance by our staff, and, flights can be customized to accommodate the most discriminating preferences!

HPx Air is based at Decatur Airport in Decatur Illinois. The service is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed (N 35932) and U.S. insured. Our aircraft and flight crews meet the highest FAA standards for safety and professionalism.

Any time, anywhere, we handle every little detail of your trip to make your entire flying experience absolutely hassle free! With HPx Air, you are guaranteed the security, comfort and pleasure you deserve. And, with HPx Air, exceptional service is just another way of “exceeding our client’s expectations.”

Safety and Security

At a time when air travelers are more concerned then ever about security while flying, HPx Air offers safety and security as cornerstones of its business.

Operators providing service for HPx Air clients must meet FAA standards. The FAA regulates charter operators that service HPx Air clients under FAA Regulation 135. The regulation establishes safety, maintenance and operations standards for charter aircraft operators.

Security Procedures for HPx Air Travel

    • HPx Air is constantly working with aviation industry officials to determine if additional security measures or requirements are necessary.
    • The FAA has enhanced security regulations at private airports.
    • All passengers must present two forms of identification before entry.
    • Pilots have the right to inspect passengers and luggage.

Detailed Maintenance

All maintenance inspections conducted on HPx Air aircraft meet or exceed the provisions for fractional aircraft providers specified by the FAA. HPx Air guarantees never to compromise on safety, and safety starts with maintenance.

Top-Notch Aircraft

Exceptional performance, dependability, safety and comfort are the primary criteria for HPx Air aircraft. Our Cessna T206 features the latest avionics packages for all navigation and weather conditions. HPx Air passengers can sit back in the luxurious leather seats and enjoy their flight with comfort and confidence!


Huston Patterson is ready assist you in coordinating your travel plans from your door to ours. Contact your Client Services Manager to begin your journey!

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