What is HPx Client Services?

Huston Patterson has always placed excellent service to our clients at the center of everything we do. In May of 2006, we formalized a program that would establish the gold standard in client service by creating a unique experience for our employees, clients and vendors.

HPx Client Services embodies everything that our clients want and expect from Huston Patterson. In order to exceed our clients’ expectations, HPx was created to address critical elements of the business process that affect our clients’ experience while working with Huston Patterson.  We have set forth three major objectives to help define these critical elements:

  1. Improve the ease and efficiency of our clients’ ability to place orders and receive high quality products, with fast turnaround and delivery.
  2. Create a workforce thoroughly trained through an education certification program.
  3. Work with our clients as partners to provide insight and guidance that continuously improves our products and services through innovation.

To achieve our first objective, a thorough analysis of Huston Patterson’s processes and people was completed. Through that internal research, the HPx Client Services program was established with one goal in mind, to enhance the client experience at Huston Patterson.

The second objective led Huston Patterson to innovate beyond anything we had done before. In May 2007, we announced the opening of the HPx Academy and the Robert G. Kowa Theatre to provide a complete printing industry training program. That same year, Huston Patterson was recognized as Innovator of the Year by the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC).

The HPx Academy provides a comprehensive and tailored curriculum to all employees.  The program allows our workforce to advance into certification level training that corresponds with their job responsibilities.  For an even broader view on the company our employees are also offered cross-training which informs them of company standards and policy, as well as standards and trends in the print industry.

In 2011 we took the HPx Academy one step further and launched the program into the Cloud with live, interactive, online webinars.  We offer a full course catalog for our employees, clients and vendors.

To meet our third objective, Huston Patterson recognized the importance of working together with our clients in order to maximize our ability to exceed their expectations. Team HPx works with our clients at their site with our production team to listen, collaborate and provide knowledge to one another in order to better understand the process of doing business together.  Since the inception of this service, we have found that creating this partnership has increased productivity and decreased waste for both Huston Patterson and the client.

For over 100 years Huston Patterson has prided itself on offering exceptional service to each of our clients.  The HPx Client Services program is a unique blend of expertise, service and production that is unmatched in the print industry.  We would like to invite you to Experience the Evolution with HPx. 

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